A Monochromatic Friday

"A Monochromatic Friday"

Shot and Edited by Warren Wagner

Shot 06.09.2012

I had originally planned to film more shots of people and had a spoken word piece I was going to pair it with. By the time I got downtown it was pretty late and there weren't many people out so I decided to shoot this instead and found this great track by Quantum Jazz.

Wanted to test the new Magic Lantern firmware and see how it could help my shooting.

Camera: Canon T2i (with Magic Lantern firmware)

Canon 50mm f 1.4
Canon kit lens 18-55 f 3.5 - 5.6
Sigman 28-300mm f 3.5 - 6.3
Pentax 20mm f 4
Pentax 28mm f 2.8
Pentax 35mm f 2.8

"Intro" by Quantum Jazz